The missing - Dark Skies Episodes

51=4 (Movie Clip), Pleiades of Elements, Nauticals

"Dark Skies - What a tremendous loss".....quoted by "Mark Paul" Sebar -1998

In Pleiades of Elements, there's a sasquatch attack in Northern New Mexico. Loengard and Sayers go to investigate, finding the Ganglions have a dimensional hole open to their world. They could now easily come through by the millions and invade humans overnight. But John and Kim find a new ally in their endeavors to stop the small creatures. A Pleiadian from Norway, tall, blonde and muscular, his name is Xeno, and he has friends, big friends, who are interested in non Human intervention by outside species. Together with Bach's group, they foil the Ganglions attempts, this time around, escaping for a new episode later on.
In 51=4 John Lowengard and Kim Sayers running for their lives, manage to con an awohl disk pilot into stealing a disk from Area S-4 in 1972 Nevada, after locating area 51 and S-4, the hidden bases. With moments left, and a captured Frank Bach and Albano aboard, they jump it, into a time tunnel, crash landing in a different time zone and desert.....This sat on the producer's desk for 6 months without ever being read. It would have been a major points earner on television, and single handedly could have saved the television series from extinction. This particular episode allowed the series to be moved into any place in time and locale. Even another planet if the producer's saw fit....They never read it!
Nauticals...The Reptilians are here and there are 90 billion on their way. They see people as a food source. When John Loengard gets taken capture, they plan to use him as part of their disection lab in their underwater base. But Kim, Albano and Ganglion infested Jim Steel, have other plans in mind, enlisting the help of Kim's old friend Xeno. Thought ganglions were a problem, think again. The Reptilians are coming to Earth for a new food source. Again, this movie sat on the producer's desk, as did the third one I wrote "Pleiades of Elements," with the producer's never taking so much as a moment to review them.
There were seven additional stories plotted and some were partially written. They were all good action type stories, that could have easily made the series shine.
What a tremendous loss to the television station NBC, Columbia Picture Execs, and the viewers who would have enjoyed them. All three teleplays were written in six nights, including all proofing time. I had pondered writing the entire series for these guys, if they'd let me. But realized they'd be out in a very short period of time. The problem with Dark Skies was it remained undefined, no direction. The story lines jumped around from date to date, never really moving forward in a single direction. Also another thing that irked me, was how the writer for them could take historical events and twist them in fantasy, thereby degrading the true events, such as the Watts riots or our beloved President Kennedy. What Dark Skies needed was forward momentum, with wild stories that went from start to finish, nonstop. These types of stories would have made the series a formiddable competior on television. And kept it around for many years. As the series wound down, Kim was taken captive by the ganglions. John sold his soul to the devil (Bach). A new Russian agent (unbelievable...Communists in our government) was brought in. She had all the strength of a Borg. With this type of desparate crap, no wonder the series failed...and no, the Acting was great, as well as the technical people.

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