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NEW...11/19/2006 NEW PHOTOS

A brief history of Sycamore Park in Simi Valley California. It is said there have been strange happenings at this park, after sunset, and even some during the day when visitors are there by themselves. These strange occurences includes noises of shuffling feet near the baseball diamonds. People's voices in low muffled tones, carried through the air. Foot steps on the grass field when no one is around except the lone visitor. A sudden blast of wind, on a calm afternoon or morning, and no other wind in the trees. And these are just during the daytime.

Night time is downright spooky and many people living in the surrounding homes know best to keep their doors locked at night and stay on their side of the street, especially when "Big White" comes to visit.

Big white appears every once in a while. It is described as a white gorilla or sasquatch roaming the park at night, searching for victims. Scarier still, at certain nights and days of the year, there are lighted circles in the field and on the hillside. People stepping into these disappear from view of others nearby, until they step out of the circles. In addition, bodies of ghosts have been reported to float amongst the old trees in the park, and weird lighting can be glimpsed near the two basball diamonds.

Screams can sometimes be heard from the nearby hillside, possibly attributed to Big White.

So come visit this small secluded park, and enjoy my late afternoon pictures before dusk. Click the normal photo, then click the Description or if you dare click the Nightvision to view what this place looks like through the eyes of a digital camera inverted.....A different park at night and certainly enough to be claimed SPOOKY!

Get prepared for the creeps! Be patient, these are big photos.

***Sycamore Park, Simi Valley California This park rated by Haunted Places in the U.S.A. On the ranti scale of 1 to 10 the hauntings by parapsychologists rated 7.8***

Magnetometer Readings Average 1.87 .250 is considered normal.

1.)The Haunted Flats. Is that a Body amongst the trees, a ghost. Look at it in Nightvision. Than look to the left in the first pick and than look at these newly found discoveries. Zoomed photo of a PPE (purple plasma entity), same as in #10 below. Only a different angle and distance. Also it is in a different position on Elephant Rock, which indicates it shifted position at my approach. This would signal some form of intelligence behind the PPE. Photo 1 Zoomed. Now in Nightvision mode

2.)Field circles of dead grass. Is there a hole to another dimension here? Is this where people disappear in the middle of the field. Look at it in Nightvision.

3.)Swinging Oak of death. A body is said to hang from this tree. Look at it in Nightvision. Is there a ghost waiting for you?

4.)Big White's Stomping Grounds. Is the demon, white, fury monster hiding behind the trees? Look at it in Nightvision.

5.)Diamond of Death Are there evil spirits beckoning potential victims to play ball? Look at it in Nightvision.

6.)Lonely Death Tree. Bodies have been seen at the foot of this Sycamore. Look at it in Nightvision.

7.)Floating Bodies of Spirits. Do bodies of the deceased float amongst these branches at night? See them in Nightvision.

8.)A dweller under the tree. See the glowing eyes? What's hiding under the Fallen dead tree? (1)

9.)Look Closer in the tree. Is this a spirit? Check out what we found (2) See it in Nightvision

10.)Enchanted bush at Elephant Rock? This bush stands sentinel at the haunted rock. Is it filled with ghostly PPE (Purple Plasma Energy). (3) See it in Nightvision

11.)Spirit Filled Tree? Look closely at this tree. See any faces? We did. Checkout the Nightvision version. We'll show you where they show up.

12.)Evil Berries? Do they have an energy? See them in Nightvision Mode. You decide.

May 19th 2006

(Additional Shots of Interest)

13.) Haunted Path? Looks like a normal path. But in nightvision mode, the path reveals its true colors. The green!

14.) Tree of Faces? (available soon)

15.) Spirited Branches? (available soon)



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