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"Mark Paul" Sebar Is a published American Author and Poet. He was born in 1959 in the city of Los Angeles and is a California native. His literary works include the following novels, Filmplays, Teleplays, Audiobooks, EBooks, Music and Poetry. "Mark Paul" Sebar is a recent recognized lifetime member of the only State sponsored, professional writers group in California that was founded by Jack London, the "California Writers Club" where he is engaged with other peers of his genres. He is also an associate member of the professional "WWA" Western Writers Association, authoring western tales. "Mark Paul" is also a former Apple Computer Senior Service Engineer in the Retail Field. His work certifications also include Hewlett Packard, Toshiba and G.C.C. computers as well.

Stories, Poems and Music

(WIP) = Current Work In Progress ISBN = Existing Titles

Note: Dates will change throughout the stories progressions...


2nd Amendment (Novel) (2024) ''Action''

And God Damned Them! (Novel, Filmplay) (2024) ''Action/Religious''

Amount Due (Paperback, EBook, Filmplay) ISBN 978-1-930246-06-5 ''Dramedy'' (1996)

Big White Monster (Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Western Terror''

Callahan (Novel) (2023) ''Western''

Captura (Paperback, EBook) SciFi 2021

CEO (Novel, EBook, Filmplay) (2024) ''Drama''

Change Of Ages (Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Drama''

Chupacabra (Novel) (WIP ?) ''Terror''

Eminent Domain (Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Drama''

Hackers Line (Novel, Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Action''

High Desert (Novel) (WIP ?) ''Horror''

L.A. Business (Novel, Filmplay, EBook, Audiobook) ISBN 978-1-930246-05-8 , ISBN 978-1-930246-46-1 ''Drama'' (1995)

Land Of The Angels (Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Drama''

Micro Fights (Novel, EBook) ISBN 1-930246-64-1 (2019) Sci-Fi 1974

Moon Racists (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) ISBN 978-1-930246-07-2'' Sci-Fi'' (1996)

Moon Racists II (WIP ?) (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) ''Sci-fi''

More Amounts Due (Audiobook, Novel, Filmplay) (Extension to Amount Due) ''Dramedy'' (2023)

Once, When I Was Young (Novel) (2025) ''Drama''

One Fine Day (Novel) (2025) ''Drama''

Rags To Riches (Manuscript) (WIP ?) ''Non-Fiction''

Red Man, White Land (Novel, EBook) (2021) ''Western/Sci-Fi'' ISBN 1-930246-72-2

Roller Knights (Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Dramedy''

Skyway Arizona (Film Play, Novel, EBook, Audiobook) ISBN 978-1-930246-09-6 , ISBN 978-1-930246-43-0 ''Western/Steam Punk''(1996)

SOL (Filmplay, EBook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-51-5 ''Sci-fi'' (2012)

Stupid Cougar Laws (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-00-3 , ISBN 978-1-930246-22-5

, ISBN 978-1-930246-16-4 ''Action'' (1996)

Stupid Speed Laws (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) (extension to Stupid Cougar Laws) ''Action'' (2023)

Sunrise Island (Filmplay, EBook, Audiobook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-01-0 ''Adventure'' (1996)

The Interracial Couples (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) ISBN 978-1-930246-49-2 , ISBN 978-1-930246-08-9 ''Action Drama'' (1996)

The Monster Of Taos (Novel) (WIP ?) ''Crime Drama''

The Return Of Rabies (Novel, EBook, Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Horror''

The San Gabriel Years (EBook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-56-0 ''Historic Western''

The SOL Chronicles (EBook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-52-2 ''Sci-Fi'' 2012

Thunder Dead (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Paperback) ISBN 978-1-930246-03-4 , ISBN 978-1-930246-37-9 , ISBN 978-1-930246-31-7 ''Sci-Fi'' (1993)

Titan One (Paperback, Filmplay, EBook) ISBN 978-1-930246-47-8 ''Sci-Fi'' (2006)

Train Race (Novel, EBook, Filmplay) (WIP ?) ''Action''

Turbadia (Paperback, EBook, Filmplay) ''Sci-Fi'' (2020)

Venus Plains 88 (Paperback, EBook, Filmplay) ISBN 978-1-930246-50-8 (2010) ''Sci-Fi''

Western Experiment (Novel) (WIP ?) ''Steam Punk/Western''

The Sheriff Wyler Scott Action Series Stories

Contact Of The Forestry Kin (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 1) ISBN 978-1-930246-10-2 (1978)

Idyllwild (Novel, Filmplay, EBook)(Wyler Scott Series # 2) ISBN 978-1-930246-11-9 (1985)

The Trail To East Mohave (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 3) ISBN 978-1-930246-40-9 (1990)

Broken Canyon (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 4) ISBN 978-1-930246-35-5 (1995)

The Chocolate Mountain Murders (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 5) ISBN 978-1-930246-45-4 (2013)

Tahquitz (Novel Filmplay) (Wyler Scott Series # 6) ISBN 978-1-930246-55-3 (2014)

The June Lake Incident (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 7 ISBN 978-1-930246-57-7 WIP 2015)

CUFFED -You're Under Arrest, Pal (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 8 ISBN 978-1-930246-59-1 2016)

The Tale Of Two Berdoo's (Film Play, EBook, Novel) (Wyler Scott Series # 9 ISBN 978-1-930246-60-7)

Ciera (Paperback, EBook) (Wyler Scott Series # 10 ISBN 978-1-930246-61-4)

Cahuilla Country (Paperback, EBook) (Wyler Scott Series # 11 2019) ISBN 978-1-930246-63-8

Homebound (Paperback, EBook) (Wyler Scott Series # 12 2019) ISBN 978-1-930246-65-2

The Cahuilla Series

New Paths (Paperback, EBook) (#1 Cahuilla Series 2020) ISBN 978-1-930246-68-3 Action Adventure Crime

Enlightenments Old & New (Paperback, EBook) (#2 Cahuilla Series 2020) ISBN 978-1-930246-69-0 Action Adventure Crime Western


The Ciera Series

Ciera I - The Colony (Dec - 2021)

Ciera II - Evaluations (2022)

Ciera III - The Big Move (2022-2023)

CalHouse Series Technological Terror Tales

CalHouse I - Leonis Manor (Film Play, EBook, Audiobook, Novel) ISBN 978-1-930246-02-7 , ISBN 978-1-930246-36-2 ''Technological Terror'' (1996)

CalHouse II - Fort Sacramento (Novel, Filmplay) ISBN 978-1-930246-53-9 ''Technological Terror'' (2012)

CalHouse III - The Island (Novel, Filmplay) ISBN 978-1-930246-58-4 ''Technological Terror'' (2015)


51=4 - Dark Skies ''Teleplay'' (1996)

Nauticals - Dark Skies ''Teleplay'' (1996)

Pleiades Of Elements - Dark Skies ''Teleplay'' (1996)


Television Sci-Fi Series "XXX-XXXXX-Chronicles" entire season In Spec and pending


Biters Fighting Poems Volume 1 ''Poetry'' ISBN 978-1-930246-04-1

California Grudge Poems Volume 1 ''Poetry'' (2010)

Ear Candy Volume 1 (Audiobook, Manuscript) ''Children's Poetry''(1995)

L.A. Grudge Poems Volume 1 (Audiobook) ''Poetry'' (1999)

L.A. Grudge Poems Volume 2 (Text Only) ''Poetry'' (2006)

L.A. Grudge Poems Volume 3 (Text Only) ''Poetry'' (WIP ?)


Ballad Of Wyler Scott (2005 Song Lyrics) ''Music-Easy Listening''

Do You Like This Old Song (2007 Song Lyrics) ''Music-Rock''

Moving Ahead (2008 Song Lyrics) ''Music-Easy Listening''

Where Is Pacific Ocean Park Santa Monica (2006 Song Lyrics) ''Music-Rock''

Recent History and Facts

He co-founded the original Theme Park Builder 3D with DoctorJ originally as an alternative and new 3D Theme Park Game for disgruntled users of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3.

In August 2006 Sebar's work was published in Los Angeles Magazine on his RCT3 Historic Amusement Parks. He additionally is well known for having provided the RCT2 community with over 68 Flat Rides originally before moving on to the RCT3 platform. Currently, Sebar Admin's the official [ Theme Park Builder 3D forums], Chats and the Wiki.

He also is well known as an amateur California Paranormal Investigator and admins the California forums, [ The Valley Haunts] for amateur and professional paranormal investigators across the golden state of California.

"Mark Paul's" newest creation is a quarterly E-Zine packed with information for Writers, Editors, Poets, journalists and small Publishers and can be downloaded for free at

His tropical fruit orchards are well known in the L.A. area and his knowledge of fruit growing as well.

Other notes of interest

Sebar was one of the earliest authors on the net in 1994 with the domain and he was also the first to acknowledge and maintain the original Manta Cars website Sebar was also very close friends with Hollywood's leading character actor J.T. Walsh and maintains a web dedicated to his friend's memory and work. A few of his other celebrity friends include John West, Gloria Pall aka. Voluptua], Ed Begley and many other celebrities and production people in Hollywood.

Original Star Trek Series connection. Ironically he has a long connection to multiple acting talents from the original Star Trek TV Series. These include Walter Koenig, William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, Deforest Kelley and James Doohan.

As a child he was the 1967 kids national skating champion for Progressive Tango. He also met famous Ice Skater at the time, Peggy Flemming whose family owned the Northridge Skateland, where he skated under David Serpa.