Okay, you Are here to enhance your IRC experiences.


This page mainly pertains to windows users and mIRC.


mIRC is a stand alone application that allows you to login to a chat room, namingly #rollercoastertycoon and automatically remember you. Here is where to get it and what you will need to do to automate it. If you follow these instructions you should have a lot of fun and success..

You can download the mIRC here...

Once you have downloaded the software install it on your windows machine.

Once you have the app installed you will have to log off. You will need to first modify the setting so it can log you into the chats. Here is what you need to do once the program is installed.


Goto to View Menu and than on the menu Options and expand this submenu. Than select Server. Click the add button and do the following. For a description, name of this server should say CentralChat and if it doesn't please type that in the first field at the top. Below that is the IRC server which should say irc.centralchat.net and that may be blank. If it is, please type that in the second field. The Ports field should have the following numbers in them 6667 and if they don't, type that in. In the Group field which will be empty type the following #rollercoastertycoon into that blank field. Under that type your password in the empty password field. The same password you will use for your nick.

Now close this window. Make sure that your Full Name, Email Address, Nick Name and Alternative Nick Name have been filled out, in the main connect menu. If they are, on to the next step.

Next we will setup for you to login automatically and be recognized by the mIRC servers.


Goto under the connect menu/options you will see perform button if you expand the connect menu. Click the perform button and than paste the text below into the black field in that window.

 Note: yourpassword means the password you are using.

/msg nickserv identify yourpassword
/msg chanserv identify #rollercoastertycoon yourpassword
/join #rollercoastertycoon

Now that you have setup the free mIRC client just log in. You will get two little error messages, just ignore these the client works fine.


Now that you are in the chats register your nick. Here is what to do. Type the following and it should accept it.

  Note: youremail means your real email adress that use use for example michael@hotmail.com etc.

/ns register yourpassword youremail@yoursite.com


You are done. Now you can go into the chats automatically by launching the app and the system will recognize you. Have fun with your friends there.