"West World"

Welcome to the release of this western era themed amusement park. There are basically 5 sections to this park and they are...

Calico Town

The Town's Main Drag. A real historical western town. Completes with a Western show, a Mine Ride and street stunt shootouts.

Upon entering Calico we find a western town like no other. You can even pan for gold!

Making our way up the dirt trail to get on the "Painted Desert" ride.

What lies ahead in the canyons of the painted desert? Is there danger ahead?

Bigfoot Country

Entering Bigfoot Country in search of the legendary Manimal fro the Pacific Northwest!

Spotted! The legendary creature called Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot Logging Company and on the right the Mining Company. Heading off to parts unknown.

Romping through the forest see spot the mighty Manimal hidden behind tall pines and chapperal.

Medicine Bend

Entering Medicine Bend! What evil lurks ahead?

Taking a jaunt on "Bad Medicine". Will we survive?

Medicine Bend Rapids. A well kept secret.

Chipewa Island

Beware the evils spirits on this island. Visit an Indian village for excitement and fun!

Gadget Square

Its the turn of the century and new ideas are coming forth. Jules Vernes stories may come alive here.

Gadget Square offers new turn of the century adventure and excitement. Ahead lies the Captain Nemo Ride.

The "Shot to the Moon" and "Tunnel of Love" await guests in the Gadget Square. Take a whirl on "Dipsey Doodle."

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