Its finally here, the first Winter Festival Park. This neat park has several sections. Guests first enter the Promenade where shops and Utilities await them. Than before them over an iced mote is Santa's Castle. If you go Right you will see the Arctic Circle which features a Polar Bear Exhibit and Snow Leopard Exhibit and some neat rides too. If you go left you will see Hans Christian Anderson's Village and rides and shops patterened in the style of Old World Europe. If you go Staright through the castle and continue on, you will see Yukon Territory featuring an awesome flume and mine ride. If you turn right after you pass the Magic Castle, you will see the gateway to Santa's Village, many shops and rides themed in that grand spirit of Christmas. There even is an ice swimming hole for Polar Bear Club Members. If you are lucky, you might get some of them to take a quick dip. The more the better and pocket change in the process. This is available to play in a scenario format only. If you want a sandbox mode you'll have to modify this yourself.

You will need the RCT3 program and both the Atari® Soaked and Wild add-ons to play this. The following add-on custom scenery packs were used to help construct this park. ShyGuy's Main Street 1,2,3 Packs. ShyGuy's Alpine Village 1,2,3 Packs. Iceatcs Timber Frame Pack and finally Lulujare's Chateau Magique. Custom signs are included in the zip file. Note: you must deactivate the Live Content option in the settings before you run this game park. Otherwise the content will be changed on the planted billboards. Make sure to goto your documents and settings folder and than into the following path... RCT3--->Scenarios and drop this dat file into the scenario folder. Than you can play Winterfest. Hopefully you should find this scenario challenging but not impossible to beat.

Hans Christian Anderson Village

Santa's Village

The Polar Bear Club

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