Riding The NuPike Wild Maus

One of my favorite rides besides the Cyclone Racer (R) at NuPike in Long Beach California, was growing up riding the Wild Maus in the wild decade of the 1960's. I researched a lot of tracks and figured the Wild Mouse out from many photos. After constructing the ride for my NuPike Park project, I decided to share photo snaps with you here. The game is coming along and with rides like the Wild Maus, NuPike was a great place to get away from the world and just play and have fun. Too bad the City Council of Long Beach California decided to erect a new shopping mall (as if California needs another) rather than re open a clean new amusement park at the site. Evidently they never rode on the ride below.


The First Big Drop

Tight twists and turns

Taking the Big Plunge again

Shooting through the wooden mouse maze

Another mouse above

Leaving the maze of the Wild Maus

Safely back to the boarding station. Test completed!

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