Water Transport Tutorial
Or how to make them follow a tracked course.

Well, we have screamed about it, been distressed over it, wondered why it was done the way it was, and finally have exhausted our requests. What am I talking about? Why its the nearly useless Water Transport Ferry scheme Frontier or Atari came up with. It means some great ride models have been rendered nearly useless till now. Thanks to people in the community, particularly a user named Super7 for first pointing this out to the community, a way has been found to make this ferry into an actual cool ride the way it should have been done before some ride designers decided else wise. So here is something we shall do. It deals with two different models, a large and new to the Wild expansion pack Steam Paddle Wheel Riverboat, and finally the original Water Transports that closely resemble what a Jungle Cruise boat might be. So here goes. For this exercise we shall create a large lake and than an island in the center however this can be applied to a river network system as well. If you study the photo below, you will see a dry lake, a center island and a line snaking around the river. That line is a bunch of fences connected together. Remember you only need to create a fence on the left hand side of where the boats are to travel.

The lake or rivers must be quite shallow and fairly wide. At the most the lake bottom should be about 7 feet deep and no deeper otherwise the boats will not follow your track path.

Once you have created the waterways at the proper height. Add the fencing as seen at the top most photo. When this has been completed, than add water just above the fence top.

Simple enough so far, now add the type of boat you want. In this case a Steamboat will do.

You can now lay the boat docks down. Make a very special note to place a fence piece on the left and right of the starting end of the platform of the ride. This will prevent the boat from turning around and heading right back to the docks. As you can see below this has been completed.

With nowhere to sail, the Steamboat sails out of the docks for a complete trip around the lake. Be advised this boat is slower than many of the others. So the ride while scenic will take day and probably most of the night. It is a slow and long trip.

Below the paddlewheer is a magnificent sight and there are no docks to be seen anywhere as they are around the bend.

Since this ride is slow, glimpsing the steamboat on the river at night is quite a sight to see, very much like Disneyland's Mark Twian...err sort of!

In the distance after making a lengthy and slow trip around the lake, the docks are in sight. A tip might be to consider setting this ride to leave only with a full load. Honestly looking at the model it should have been longer, had a higher ridership capacity and the pilots house should have been located between the smokestacks. With additional imagination it could have even allowed restaurants or a show onboard. Anyhow its still majestic to watch.

She's on her way and the steam is blowing...oh wait, I didn't hear the whistle blowing. Well she's returning to the docks.

This is the perspective of the riders as the docks approach.

What a grand sight...the ride is about over and we have completed a full circuit around the Lake and island...now onto the Jungle Cruise Boats and the tweaks this will require.

The original Water Transport boats move much quicker than the steamer, but this doesn't mean we can't slow them and enjoy a jungle cruise.

Below, make sure to close off the sides where the dock opens into the waterway. This is crucial since I have found the smaller boats can easily turn right around and than head back to the dock. The cruise boats will almost always try to turn left as with all of the boats I have found when you have a single station. Waterways, tributaries and river systems are much better suited to the Jungle Cruise boat types of rides.

Here we can see the last of 6 boats waiting for passengers above who seem to enjoy the ride, while below you can see the chain link fence and a boat sailing to the right of it. Remember that the way you lay the fencing under water, how deep you make the water and what you do to spruce up the scenery for the ride can make the difference.

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