Park is completed and available for download

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Stanton on the historical information necessary to get this on track. Without his invaluable research and books loaded with long missing information, you can begin reliving in RCT3 the Venice Pier experience. Hopefully in the near future as more scenery and historical rides come into the RCT3 platform, I will get a higher accuracy on the park builds and coasters.

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Download the Park
Download the Scenario

Note: The Scenario has been updated. I am leaving the park download which can also be played as a scenario in case you do not own wild.

How to use these parks in your Roller Coaster Tycoon Game. Download both files. You will notice that both files have the same exact name. First unzip the park file and place it in your folder that is in MyDocuments ---> RCT3 ---> Parks

Repeat the proceedure above for the scenario file, unzip this file to your desktop and than place it in the scenarios folder similar path as above MyDocuments ---> RCT3 ---> Scenarios

This is an attempt to create a historical replica of Venice Amusement Pier, which was in Venice California thru the year 1929. Unfortunately there will be ride substitutions because the real rides and scenery are not all currently available, so I reserve the right to update this park in a more faithful recreation in some future time, when they do become available. Here are the current pictures. They will be updated as work progresses on the amusement park.

Aeriel view of the finished Pier. In this shot we see the Pacific Ocean meeting the pier. The coasters are from top left. The Bob's, to the right of that the Giant Dipper and at the bottom of the picture above is the "Some Kick" roller coaster. All models have been completed. Note to the right in this picture, the much smaller Lick Pier in the background, yes this is a historical park.

This is a reversed view of the pier looking out over the Pacific Ocean.

A wild ride on the "Some Kick" roller coaster. Wait till ya ride it!

Not necessarily exact with the scenery I have, but looking East down the Midway to the right is the Coal Mine, beyond that the entrance to the Dragon Bamboo Slide.

Part of the Venice Pier fun was the night life. Here is a view of the pier at night, an aerial shot.

Looking East towards the main gate at night, Peeps are ready for a night of fun.

Peeps on their way Westward pass the Bob's coaster and the Bamboo Dragon Slide.

Riding the "Bobs" at night is a real kick. The peeps love it.

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