The Studio

Welcome to the Studio Scenario Revision 2. This has been in the makings for a while.

This is the second revision which fixes the Bates Motel ride and in addition it is truly a dark ride for you to enjoy.

It will require the Soaked expansion to play it.

Download The Scenario Here

You will also need to download two sound files that go with this scenario. They are located Here... and in addition you will need to download if you already don't have it the Dark Ride Expansion packs which can be found here..Here..thanks to Pumper aka. Jcat and Marnetmar for their hard and loyal work to the community via Jonwil's scenery Importer...Thanks to all.

The necessary sound files are The Bates Motel and The Daktari sound file. Consult your owners manual for RCT3 if you are unsure of where to place them. Or checkout the RCTHQ forums for assistance from fellow RCT'ers.

City Walk

This entry to the Studio Tour features gallerias, theatres and to your left a full blown studio tour itself. Believe me when I tell you the tour is well worth taking the ride on the trams. But you'll have to let your guests decide that for themselves.

The Duke Plaza

Named after the legendary Cowboy and his friends. This place will bring you back to a part of the old west you long forgot. Take a ride on the John Wayne Flumes or the Mine Trains. Watch a wild west show, and ride Jimmy Stewart's Bucking Bulls.

Adventure Plaza

Welcome to the Plaza where Adventure is the main name. Ride the Daktari Safari Dark Ride or take an eerie ghoul infested ride in the Bates Motel, if you dare. Take on the Creature from the Black Lagoon for an adventurous afternoon you won't forget.

The Studio Tour

Welcome to our studio tour. Fun, excitement and of course Lights, Cameras, Action await you around every turn.

Stunts, effects, surprises, explosions and the studios themselves....who knows, you might even see a star or two walking around the park.