RCT3 Sound FX Loops

Since I am by trade an Audio Publisher/ Sound Engineer. I created these sound FX for those of you who have RCT3 to use in your games. Though my sound FX are Copyrighted © 2005 All Rights Reserved. You may use them with your parks that you plan to distribute freely. You may not distribute these sounds freely at your site. They must be downloaded from my site. So if for instance you make a park, than merely add the link from your park to my site so that the sounds can be downloaded with that park. Its all I ask....nothing more. Have fun!

My newest releases are:

Daktari - Required in the Movie Studio Scenario

Great for your animal rides, complete with wild African animals and sound fx.

Bates Motel - Required in the Movie Studio Scenario

Scary sound fx, this awesome file will scare the wits out of your guests.

Buck Rogers - Available Now

Futuristic and Sci-Fi loaded fx. Great for your future land rides.

Tiki House - Available Now

Tropical birds, guests and jungle music compliment this piece.

Bucken Souveineer - Available Now

(note: the song used is a 18th century tune. It is in the public domain. Disney's* tune is based on this, though their lyrics are copyrighted, the actual song is not)

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. A great song with special fx, explosions and canon fire.

Himalayn Nightmare - Available Soon

Experience the sounds of the Himalayas and the infamouse Abominable Snowman.

Winter Wonderland Village - Available Soon

A sound system for your Holiday themed winter village...let's not forget Santa's HoHoHo!

* Disney is a registered trademark ® of the Walt Disney Corporation.

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