Updated Soaked Review

My feelings overall for soaked have changed substantially since I first wrote my original review and so I decided to revisit soaked again and look at it from a different perspective, but one that reflects my changing philosophies on the RCT3 platform.

First the negatives. Soaked has had a number of bugs over the months. The tunnels have been a virtual "Labor of Love" to create. Also I had several disappointments with some rides but those are my own personal beefs. However I will list those here.

The Octopus a.k.a.. SDC Polyp - was a poor selection in my opinion to release the first Spider type ride on. A better selection would have been "ANY" other type of spider ride available. The reason for this analogy is that the buckets don't spin. Thus the thrill of this type of ride cannot be experienced by users. Its a shame because the RCT3 community desperately needs a Spider type ride with spinning buckets.

MIA (Missing in Action Rides) My second beef is with the water transportation type rides. Excellent models as usual from Frontier nice thought on a trackless water ride. But the user really cannot creatively set the path. Because of this say a Jungle Cruise Boat cannot be made. These rides are strictly for ferrying passengers between docks and that's it. I feel that an option to allow this to also become an invisible tracked scenery ride was more important. But that's my personal preference as mentioned. Whether one agrees or not that's their opinion.

No peep collision detection they still go through one another :e

The Chair lift was not fixed or upgraded and remains the most neglected ride in the Soaked expansion.

Those things aside, I believe there will be many fixes in a future soaked stand alone patch and also in the upcoming Wild expansion pack too.

Soaked offers the users a water park chock full of slides, and the ability to even make your own swimming pools. The swimming pools are actually an attraction within an attraction and putting one in a park can bring even greater profits during the warmer months. Its neat to watch the peeps walk through a changing room into bathing suits and enjoying the pool. One thing Frontier got very right is the swimming guests. A lot of time must have gone into studying how people act in the swimming pools and water parks in general, because this is about as dead-on as it gets. But the excitement doesn't stop there. It goes well beyond this as you can add many types of accessories that will boost the popularity of your pool. Such as a wave machine, standard and tall diving boards, lifeguards, custom paths and even a Jacuzzi or two, that you can drop in the ground. Building a giant pool even on a hillside is a snap. Add lights and it is even prettier at night. But the greatest things that come with this are the slides. You can actually build any one of a number of giant slides and or plop in a pre made one...all it takes is money! Once your guests have a giant slide its on to the customer flat rides and new coasters.

Can they really get wet on the fly? You bet! In fact the Roller Soaker is based on a real coaster that lets guests bomb people under the coaster as the cars go by. Its all about getting Soaked. To make people even more dowsed, just drop in some water cannons along the path and the fun has just been upped. This expansion also adds such flat rides long requested as the Chance® Wipeout decorated in a Star Fish theme. There are a host of rides that make a debut including as mentioned a first Spider type ride. Its the first ever Spider type ride officially released by the RCT platform creators, and even though it has some limitations is still quite thrilling to watch and ride.

Other flat rides are the long missing Giant Slide. Guests can finally build a giant slide for their guests. A Chance ® Aviator, a Fabbri ® Booster a.k.a.. Spin Doctor, A Huss Booster and even a giant long awaited Parachute Drop. I wanted to mention this Parachute drop to be extremely well designed by the Frontier 3D gurus.

Other exciting things Soaked adds to the growing excitement in the RCT3 platform are a few shows...namingly a Dolphin and Killer Whale show. I have tinkered a lot with these and found them to just be great not only to build but also watch as well. What is even more exciting is that you can actually setup a show sequence and have the animals perform stunts to a recording of music in the current Mix Master, something that may point to the future of "Wild's" animal shows and also perhaps even a new rumored "Stage Band" Mix Master if that ever comes to fruition.

On the scenery end, Soaked adds a somewhat weakened Atlantis themed set and also a Polynesian scenery set too. I was a bit disappointed that the Atlantis set didn't have more animated stuff, in fact there wasn't a lot. I did find animated fishes, but I just wish there had been more not that the stuff that wasn't in there wasn't good already. It was, but you know how it is, one always wants a bit more than they got. Never is this more evident than in the tracked ride events. There were no more new events in this expansion, and that I was sorely disappointed in. Still, because RCT3 did have the Jaws theme that does apply to water so its still something you can use in your park.

One thing in the scenery landscaping department that has been sorely needed and I was very happy to see this are the Waterfalls. You can build some of the tallest, neatest, grand waterfalls around anywhere and they do make a big difference. But that's not all. Frontier got it dead-on in how the waterfall interacts with the body of water below. The animation and movement are real life....err, well almost! Couple this with peeps and tunnel creation as mentioned earlier and it seems like a winner.

So what's the bottom line? Why isn't this as good as RCT3 was when it was released? Well, that's a great point but lets look at what this is and isn't. It isn't a new game. People forget this point very easily. This is an addition to an already existing game. Its smaller than the original game base but also greatly enhances the existing RCT3 base game. So this is an add-on expansion pack only. If you don't lose site of this and remember this is an enhancement, it all comes into perspective. When I look over all of the features versus a few negatives I must in hindsight give this a big thumbs up, providing of course the bugs are squashed. I think there is room for improvement and with an Atari/Frontier establishment that is listening to their customers this should be a very fun and time consuming hobby as I find it.

As always Cheers

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