Slick's Custom Scenery
Well I am going to give this a shot I suppose. I am going to try and contribute to the RCT3 community, time and health permitting by creating Custom Scenery for all of you. Listed below are my plans. Hope they help. P.S. I will not commit to a rigid timeline. When it happens if it happens, it happens.


Its all coming along very well as models go. Roofs, Candy Canes, Christmas Lights and additional Christmas and Gingerbread Walls added.

Winter Pack:

Basic Walled Scenery Sets
Santa's House/Castle
Ginger Bread House
Elf's Toyshop
Ice Village 
Accessory Items
Mushrooms, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Light String Different colors.
Note: A Candycane and Candy Pieces already exist in RCT3 via Frontier
Snow Covered non animated Trees and shrubs
Reindeer separate and on sleigh waiting for Santa**
Snowman (Frosty Style) **
Abominable Snowman (human sized) **
Abominable Snowman (giant sized) **
Grinch Type Character **
Note: on the figures my Poser 5.0 works very well. I can make most of these characters in Poser, but getting the Poly's down will be very tough. A current Yeti is like 67,000 plus polys. Just way over the maxed limits, but there may be a way to get that down and than mask a face onto it.
Additional Scenery Pieces
Snow Cave Entrances and Exits (Note the entrances would be large enough to hide adequately the tunneling entry/exit mess created by RCT3 auto tunnels)


Retro Pack:

Custom Wall and Roof Sets
1920's Roarin' Nostalgia Retro Pack
1930's Art Deco Retro Pack
1940's Vintage Retro Pack
1950's Sci-Fi Retro Pack
Accessory Items
Cars and Trucks from 1930 thru 1950's
Giant Rocketship
Laff In The Dark Scenery


Carnie Pack:

Custom Items
Midway Games (Non functional booths only include the following)
Ring Toss
Dunk The Clown
Target Shoot
Shooting Gallery
Milk Can Toss

* = Completed Set/Item
** = Questionable -Whether it can be done

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