Not Official by Atari yet! Note: this is not an official Atari post nor is it sanctioned by Atari. Its a theoretical look at the prospective scenery pack only. is a roadmap if I was making it for Retro. Retro should incorporate several things. It could include themes from the Victorian era to the 1950's Midway. Retro is a very broad term. So lets look at what we can have in this expansion pack. OK lets break down the themed sections for Retro.

Victorian Era 1890 to 1919:

This scenery pack would include the scenery to make a haunted mansion like the big haunted mansion at Disneyland. Animatronics scary scenery to go with this. Additional Pirates scenery too. Turn of the century 1900 scenery.

Rides include Horseless Carriage Darkride scenery and car track ride.
Horse and buggy ride.
Trackless Steamcar ride for Main Street scenario. (Note its an invisible track)
Trolley Cable Car, trackless for a Main Street. (Note its an invisible track)
Looff Grand Carousel
A large Theater and Dinner Restaurant Combo. This would combine a preselected ride and restaurant as a first that mass seats peeps. It would be similar to the 3D theater where the peeps go inside and stay at will. The number of peeps inducted on this ride could be quite large.
A Sternwheeler Riverboat ride that is a scenic ride not a ferry.
Victorian Scenery. Pack include mansion scenery and many brick walls and roofs. Balconies.

Roarin' 20's:

Roaring Twenties Era Scenery, 1920 to 1930. This scenery pack would have a number of additions. First and foremost the rides.

The Whip
Hay bale Horse Wagon Ride
Dance Hall
House of Wax Exhibit Ride
Fun House Ride
Laff In The Dark Tracked Dark Ride
Strat-O-Liner Ride
Generic Fun House
Racing Derby
Dentzel Grand Carousel
Noah's Ark Ride
A Three Stooges Type Stage show.

A Roaring 20's type of stage show with dancers, perhaps a singer on stage.

Scenery for this would include Chicago Building Scenery for the Roaring 20's.
A "Laff In The Dark" scenery expansion pack with animatronics.
A "King Kong" type animated Dark ride Scenery set.
A "Frankenstein" Scenery set with animation.

The Retro Sci-Fi:

This 1930's thru the 1950's has the following rides and scenery available.

Rides Include the following...

1950's Tall Rocket ship Ride To Mars - A Giant Rocket ship standing tall. Peeps enter the side. Not ridable.
1950's Retro Style Car ride.
Nautilus Submarine Ride.
Chance Turbo
Dual Diving Bells Ride
The Eyerly Octopus Ride (Spinning Buckets)
Hampton Motorcycles Ride (Kiddy Ride)
Klaus Strato-Jet
Paratrooper Ride.
Eyerly (Dual Bucket) Spider Ride.
Eyerly Fly-O-Plane
Original Dodg'ems Style Bumper Cars.

Chairlift Upgrades and fixes include the following. Several Gondola types, Bubble shaped Gondola, Enclosed traditional 3 person squared Gondola, Bucket Shaped 3 person Gondola. Single station up-and-back operations. If 3D enabled, Tracks run in any direction. Fixes include engine sounds stay at stations. Normal onride sounds added. Peep loading/unloading enabled.

Playable Midway Games - These are arcade games you can play:

Ring Toss
Miniature Bowling
"Machine Gun" Shoot-The-Star
Balloon Dart Toss
Tubs Of Fun
Dime Toss

Adds 1950's Sci-Fi Tracked Ride Events.

New Coasters include the...

Chance Toboggan
C&R Flying Fish
Supports for existing Coasters.
Custom track side lighting for existing coasters.

Rock Band Stage Show Mix Master. This could also be amended to include the Roaring 20's Stage and other show types. Includes Juke Box Mode for Multiple songs.

Additional Vendor Highlights:

Traditional Generic Food Vendor Booth. (Note, this can be assigned any goods and be incorporated into a building structure)

Sit-In Restaurant Generic. This attraction vendor combo allows peeps to sit inside at tables and or act as a general store stocking many items. The peep count inside this generic structure would allow about 100 peeps at a time.

Additional Scenery: 1930's- 1940's Retro Art Deco Walls, Roofs and Balcony and decorations.

Major Pack Highlights:

Adds Darkness within enclosed structures by default.
Includes user imported scenery and animated scenery.

Custom Path Manager. Paths can go in any direction and are painted, tugged and adjusted or can follow a grid as they currently do.

These essential highlights are a solid roadmap for successes for a new Retro Expansion Pack. The time to complete this expansion pack would be about 1 year or less. It depends how many resources are funded for the expansion pack.

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