RCT2 Sebar Rides Mirror Site

Welcome. You are here because one or more of the other sites that carries my rides is down, or they may no loonger carry my more popular rides. There are no forums or chat rooms here, just ride downloads of a token of my previously existing RCT2 projects. Here you can always download a token of my working rides. All animated rides are made from my 3D renders and animation using Bryce and Poser. Any static scenery rides available here are based solely on Atari's scenery within their game. No scenery rides are made from third party scenery.

Astro Jets


Diving Bell



Glass House

Note: This uses Atari only scenery.


Hall Of Mirrors

Note: This uses Atari only scenery.

Mission Mars

Moon Ride

Ocean Skyride

Star Trooper Ride


The Rotor - Animated

Great White Shark Tank


Skywheel Junior Twisted



Top Scan Plus

Wave Swinger

Giant Wonderwheel - Scenery Item

XK1- Flight Trainer


Pumpkin Trabant

Roulett Wheel Trabant

Satellite Trabant

Sparkwheel Trabant

Wagonwheel Trabant

Zipper Twisted

Monster I

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