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NuPike 3D

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Its been a long time coming, but NuPike has lived as old memories and postcard pictures on the world wide web at such places as The Reverend's Music For Nimrods and the Millikan Alumni thanks to Paul there, but to name a Few. Thanks to the efforts of the great mind's at Classic Coasters ® for their model and promotion of the great rollercoaster. I can urge you if you are a serious Coasterbuff, to purchase a model of this coaster. It is well worth it.

Anyhow a working ridable version of the Cyclone Racer Coaster® and most of the rides at NuPike is finally here. I did this as an exercise on historical amusement parks. The Wild Maus, Skooters, Rotor, Round Up, Haunted River Ride, Laff-In-The-Dark, Loof Carousel are all finished. Some unique rides or missing rides will be substituted for similar rides when and where appropriate. Below are previous pictures of the NuPike from times past while working on it. Photos will from time to time be updated. The historical park is available now. I reserve the right as the park's creator to amend or append the authenticity to the existing park to bring it closer to the real thing as more items become available. It all depends on what other rides become available as well as any necessary scenery that is currently missing. But rest assured the NuPike is once again a place you can visit, right from your favorite armchair.

Download Version 1 Park

Download Version 1 Scenario

Download Version 2 Scenario, Park and Jpegs

Right below this are the newest updated pics and below that the original nupike pictures.

Designing the Cyclone Racer ® took a lot of time both for the real builders and here. This one took hours to get it working. While not exact to the real thing, it comes very close.

Close enough to want to ride on. Too bad the real one isn't around. Thank You Long Beach City Council.

Here is what the first turn looks like while riding at high speed. What a great ride...huh!

The first drop was always the kicker. You knew it was coming and when it hit, your stomach was left behind.

The coaster by the harbor. Well at least it will live again in Cyberspace and 3D!

Kinda looks familiar. Is this the midway looking East or maybe South? Maybe not entirely, but very close though.

What do the people think of the Cyclone Racer ®. Just look at their raised arms, smiles and fun screams.

The people flocked to the tall Skywheel.

People love to get pasted to the walls of the rotor when the floor drops! that cola and burger before boarding!

My Personal ride on the Cyclone Racer ®

The Midway looking East. Look Familiar?
The Midway Looking West.
Riding The Wild Maus
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