Marineland RCT3 Homepage

Thanks for stopping by. This is the future homepage of the sebar RCT3 Marineland of the Pacific Project Park.


A few RCT3 notes that you should know. The park will be built, but please consider these RCT3 handicaps.

There is no seal or sealion show. Yes a large tank can be built....but! Yes you knew there was a but. The "Soaked" expansion aquarium is vastly different than the one that was at Marineland. Thus it comes down to what to do.. Well, I suppose we can fudge it all. Architectural wise the actualy scenic pieces don't really exist. Again we will compensate for this. A dual sky cabin ride is available though it is a bit different than the standard one that Marineland had. There is no known beach scenario in the RCT3 series. Sorry guys, we can fudge it I guess. Well stay tuned for this upcoming project that will allow you to enjoy Marineland once again. It won't be 100% accurate, but it will be close.

(Work has begun on this project. This is the Peninsula where it used to sit)

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