JungleLand 1000 Oaks, Ca.



JUngleland was a very popular haunt for Southern Californian's. It closed down as an amusement park in the early 1970's. I always enjoyed going there and seeing the animal shows and the monkeys in the monkey pit. It added a Safari feel to Thousand Oaks, I enjoy the memories of whenever I pass through that great town. This is like a 1967 version of Thousand Oaks. Without much reference material to go by as it is extremely rare, I tried to model this as best as possible from memory. Because of limitations In the Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, I have subbed some rides where necessary. Also the chairlift in Jungleland was an up and back single station operation model. This is not possible in RCT3. Perhaps in the future it will be.

Visitors to JungleLand were greeted by a great big welcome sign.

Starting out. Visitors once entered through the large Visitor Center Building. As they passed this area, they had to cross into JungleLand over a....

Bridge covering a very deep Monkey Pit. Note that the area is covered by thousands of Oak trees. The reason hence the name of the city is 1000 Oaks California.

Guests could ride a Elephant Ride in JungleLand

Visitors could see Television Star "Clarence The Cross-Eyed Lion of the tv show "Daktari" fame.

The Nairobie Kenya Themed Village.


The Midway had numerous animal exhibits and attractions. The only mechanical ride was a Chairlift seen here on the midway...

A View from the Chairlift's second platform. A peaceful and easy ride.

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