Halloween Coaster Pack



Here are three new scary coasters for your themepark. They are Doppleganger II (Wooden Mine Car), Drop Dead (an air coaster) and Zombied, which is a (steel twister stand-up) and gives your riders pleanty of scare time. Check out some pics below than download the zipped file with the three new coasters.


This awesome Wooden Mine based coaster should provide many frightful turns of events as the cars race each other back to the station at frightening speeds. Lots of work went into this and your peeps should get a frightful ride in your scary park.


Yes those are Synchronized Demonrat Cars!

Aerial Overhead view

This ride should make any scary park, much scarier!



Riders will get the ride of their life on this low height, twister as they stand and prepared to be ZOMBIED!

Download The Halloween Pack Coasters
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