Not Official by Atari yet! Note: this is not an official Atari post nor is it sanctioned by Atari. Its a theoretical look at the prospective scenery pack only.

This expansion pack add-on for Roller Coaster Tycoon would feature several sections an a main list of rides. It is themed mainly around Movie Studios and its main features are shows and Tracked Events.


Movie Studio Back Lot:


First the main attractions...

Walk thru Movie Actress Trailers Tour.

Tour Trams for a Studio Movie Tour.

This ride includes many different varieties of sets as walls. In these scenic studio type sets the front roof and wall are combined. There are a great variety of styles for building fronts.

The Following Animate Scenery Sets are as follows: (Note: the names are only as examples) Sets are different than regular scenery cause they can also be used as walk thrus that influence Peeps actions.


Bugs Bunny and Tweety Set

Western Set

Main Street 1930 Set

Main Street 1940 Set

Main Street 1950 Set

Roman Set

Greek Set

Frankenstein Set

Godzilla Set

Matrix Set

Martian Set

Space Station Set

Animated Film crew and actors onset. This scenery piece can be peep altering as well.


Tracked ride events for the Tram Tour or any other tracked ride include:

Parting of the Red Sea.

Earthquake on a Bridge (must be placed between landmasses and auto adjusts to the land masses)

Flash Flood in Canyon.

Flash Flood in small town.

Gun Duel In Western Town.

Town Street Gas Explosions.

Tornado Strikes.

Large Monster Attack.

The Haunted Hotel Walk-in Attraction (Bates Motel Type).


Stage Shows:

Musical Onstage Dance Revival Show (indoor)

Short skit play Onstage (indoor)

Stunt Boat Show includes bleechers (outdoor)

Explosion building show (indoor)

Helicopter Stunt Show (outdoor)

Skyscraper Rescue Stunt Show (outdoor)

Futurotic Robot Stunt Show (indoor)

TV Set Drama Filmed Television Set with audience (indoor)

TV Set Comedy Filmed Television Set with audience (indoor)

Police Car Chase (outdoor)

Police Foot Chase and Shootout with Criminals (outdoors)


Flat Rides:


Rock & Roll Matterhorn



Double Level Carousel




Wipeout/Trabant (non themed)




[b]Action Scenario:[/b]


Jungle Cruise Boats - includes wild animal animatronics scenery.

Looff Carousel - multi animal types.





Animated Scenery:

Attacking Headhunters (Group and individually)

Giant Volcano Eruption (Giant area of land required for this scenery only item)

Alien Invasion.



Citywalk Mezzanine Scenario:


Large Movie Theaters, several different types.

Vendor stores themed for this scenario.

Coffee Shops like Starbucks. Small Restaurants themed on Hollywood.

Comedy Club Attraction (indoor stage show cannot be ridden)

Themed scenery for a Citywalk or Mezzanine.



Additional Major Features of this expansion Add-on:


Celebrity Peep Generator. Create your own Movie and TV style celebrities.

Studio Security Peeps. These security peeps get places fast in Golf Carts.

News Crew Gives standard peeps their 10 seconds of fame (these are entertainers only)

Enhanced Water Fountains and even a control to throttle and set the water works.