Fun Pier
Just a cool amusement Pier to visit and hangout

The new Park is now open....have fun at the Pier.


MaxInfinity's Gothic Set available here

ShyGuys Mainstreet sets 1&2 Installed they are available here

Iceatcs Timber Frame Pack Installed the latest versions are here

As for the other expansions It isn't as easy to download them here so you will need to find the links elsewhere in the Atari forums.

Marnetmar's Dark Ride Pack....for a link check the Atari forums for where you can easily and quickly download this from.

Pumper's Dark Ride set, again check the Atari forums for the link where you can download this from.

The Gates to Fun Pier

Aerial View of the Fun Pier

The Kona Express

Miner's Gulch Whirlpool

Looking up the Midway

Looking Down the Midway

Download the Park

Bridge To Paradise Island

Download the Scenario

A simpler earlier time. Early construction of the pier. In the fore ground is the live "Flipper" show. Looking down the Midway that will soon be filled with exciting rides. - Return To The RCTHQ