This add-on may also be called "Old Tyme" Expansion too...very uncertain as of this posting.

This expansion concentrates exclusively on the Coney Island of the early 1900's. It features four main sections and matching scenery for each section as well. They are as follows.


Coney Island:

Drop the Dips Coaster - New Coaster Type.

Wooden Switchback Gravity Railroad - New Coaster Type.

Stauch's Restaurant - Large Custom Sit-in Restaurant and custom scenery.

Henderson's Dance Hall - Large Building Attraction and Scenery for Dancehall.

Cannon coaster - New Coaster Type

Feltman's - Large Custom Sit-in Restaurant and custom scenery.

Loop the Loop coaster - New Coaster Type

Pike's Peak scenic railway - Scenery pack Only.

Iron Tower - Elevator Type Ride.

Galveston Flood Building - Indoor Theater Ride, custom Victorian Styling.

Rocky Road to Dublin scenic railway - Custom Castle and Train themd ride and scenery.

Thompson Scenic Railway - Custom Scenery.

Sea Beach Palace - Custom Scenery.

New York to North Pole - Indoor simulated Submarine Ride.

Johnstown Flood Building - Custom Themed Indoor Show Ride.

Rough Riders Scenic Railway - Spanish themed Miniature Railroad and uniformed Ride Operators. Includes Spanish Scenery Pack.

Scenic Spiral Wheel (The Top) - Giant Spiral Coaster where the whole structure shifts weight.

Nathan's Famous Hot Dog's - Vendor Stand.

Carousel - Dentzel Style.

Tornado Bobs - A Custom articulated Coaster with 2 twenty passenger cars on tight twisty turns.

Boardwalk - Custom Boardwalk Scenery. (Special note: This custom scenery only, can also be used in other expansions in RCT3)



Dreamland Tower - Beacon Tower and bridge scenery sets.

Shoot the Chutes - An early type of flume ride.

Midget City - Miniature Scenery Pack and shops. In addition little people walk around as scenery peeps.

Bathhouses and Leap Frog Railroad - A Railroad ride with custom tracks. Custom Bath HouseScenery.

Fighting the Flames - A stunt show in a burning building.

Bostock's Arena - Custom Scenery and makes use of Wild animal shows used in Wild plus new shows.


Luna Park:

Electric Tower - Custom Building Scenery and large shop.

Trip to the Moon - Large Scenery pieces surround a custom Indoor Ride.

Dragon's Gorge - Cust scenic railroad and scenery.

Funhouse - Custom Victorian Walk-thru funhouse.


Steeple Chase Park:

Air Ships - Custom ride based on similar Trevor's Swing Ships.

Steeplechase Ride - Modified Steeplechase coaster existing in RCT3, features retro horse cars.

Ferris Wheel - Gondola type Ferris Wheel 125 feet tall.

Sea-Saw - Dual Ferris wheels each on the end of a long arm.

Swimming Pool - Custom Pool scenery for a Victorian era swimming pool.


Other highlights:

Peeps entering the gates to this expansion add-on are automatically re-dressed in Victorian Era Clothing. Peeps can arrive to the park via a large Steam Engine or by Steam Powered cars or merely walk through a time portal into the parks. Note, you cannot add more modern park scenery and rides into a park that uses the Coney Island Entrance Portals Same as works with the swimming pools. The RCT3 game treats this as another large attraction with sub attractions that only work within the Coney Island Portals inside your existing RCT3 park or as a giant standalone attraction park of its own.