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Is this political?

In a funny sense yes. The programmers at Frontier decided to make one of the VIP's in the Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 series an ephagy of President Bill Clinton. To avoid problems they named the character officially Clint Bushton. But actually this character Looks like President Clinton, moves like President Clinton and appears to be President Clinton. So since I am a big fan of .... Tada Roller Coaster Tycoon Games, I decided to make a collection of this particular character to see if he acts different.


Now for those of you who ask where does the Bushton come in, there is no President George W. Bush in here. None that I have spotted yet. But the character does appear to be all Bill Clinton. Those who like President George W. Bush will be disappointed. Those who like President Bill Clinton will be happy to a certain point. One thing this character in the game does is make comments about Monica. Do we really need to go there

Okay I decided to capture a few President Clinton's at their oddest. The first snaps are of President Clinton waiting online for the Flying Saucers Ride. Note he is smiling when waiting for the ride to start.

The ride is about to start and he's still got a big grin.

But as soon as the ride has started note that he becomes a mean guy, look at that face. He's one mean mutha! I wouldn't want to get in his way.

Clinton at Night...now that's very scary!

The next day, Clinton hits on girls in the game. Probably an autograph, but the character does seem to favor the opposite sex which Atari has mentioned in its owners manual.

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