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Maggie Murphy's Home-6519-5(1890)
Repasz Band-6530-9a(1901)
The Minstrel King-6512-4(1911)
Wurlitzer 6505-7(1915)
Wurlitzer 6505A-2(1915)
Wurlitzer 6516A-7(1915)
Wurlitzer 6521-7(1916)
Wurlitzer 6521-8(1916)
Wurlitzer 6532-5(1917)

All sounds are denoted by their Song Name, the Wurlitzer Roll Number that played the song and the date of the original copyright. Songs older than 1922 are consider in the public domain. I managed by this courtesy of http://Wurlitzer-Rolls.com

If you like these tunes, please swing by and pick up a copy of my friend's audio cd with hundreds of recordings of Wurlitzer Band Organ Music from the 125, 150 and 165 Wurlitzers at Wurlitzer-rolls. The above songs are only a sampling of what is available. I worked very hard long hours taking these original and very old recordings and restoring them for you. The quality is at 44khz 16 bit stereo. How to apply these to your amusement park rides.

This is easily done. Go into your main ride control panel and than go ahead and select custom music.

Make sure the music files are installed in your

Documents and Settings--->Music--->RCT3 ...folder. Once there you merely select the tune you want to play. If you are further confused, please consult the RCT3 manual on custom sounds or check the RCTHQ forums for further assistance.

Tips and hints: You can download MaxInfinity's 3D Band Organ Machine which in RCT3 is a speaker item and than assign the carousel tune of your choice. The neat thing with this item is you can throttle the sound up or down. Thus you will have a Wurlitzer playing Wurlitzer authentic carousel music.

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