Buildings & Structures

Welcome to pre-constructed buildings from RCT3. Here you will find a growing list of free buildings from our site, of many different styles you can download for your park. Its not a Building Generator, but its the next best thing to it. This will speed up your usage of buildings, saving you valuable time and energy and letting you concentrate on other aspects of your RCT3 parks.

Generic Library

Generic Building 1

Space Building

Build large Movie Studios fast and dazzle your guests. You can even place a Killer Whale show in one of these.

Movie Studio Buildings




Hollywood Sign

Tinsel Town Sign

Large Office Buildings


Adventure Library

Click on Tiki Building Pictures to Download.

Note: Requires Soaked Expansion

*Or Click Here for the Village*

Western Library

Build a Western town from these available buildings. Make your Tombstone or Calico Ghost town in no time, or hack the buildings, modify them and make a new town. There is plenty here to use.




General Store





Western Office (Generic)

*Or Click Here Pardner For the Whole Dang Town*

"The Emporium"

Goto The Emporium

Crystal Arcade

Download The Crystal Arcade

Souveineer Shop

Download Souveineer Shop

Gift Shop

Download Gift Shop

(More Victorian Buildings and shops to come)

The Macabe Shop

A very spooky shop using a marriage of MaxInfinity's Gothic Set and some of ShyGuy's No. 1 and 2 MainStreet Sets. Also uses Frontier's Pirate pieces. Anyhow this cool shop should proove very useful and can fit into many spooky, pirates areas within your park.


The Corner Shop

Welcome to the new Corner Shop


Das Alpenhaus

Requires Iceatcs Timber Frame Set & ShyGuy # 3 Main Street Pack.

Download a Das Alpenhaus

Penny Arcade

Requires ShyGuys Main Street # 1,2,3 Packs.

This Building features a cool Foyer where the sidewalk can go right through the covered building entrance.

Download The Penny Arcade

Movie Theater

Requires all three ShyGuy Expansion Packs

Ok, what's neat about this is that it has a small front, so how you use this is to place shops on both sides. Than you can drop in the Karioki show and just add paths and que lines. There is plenty of space on the sides to also add vendors for food and accessories.

Download a Movie Theater Today

Small Gift Shop

You can use this small giftshop on the right side of the movie theater I created. Its not a very large place but down the street from my other gift shop, this should do very good. You can drop sales counters on both sides and just add a path up the middle.

Download a Small Giftshop
Tudor Shop

Download The Tudor Shop

Requires Iceatcs Timber Frame Set & ShyGuy # 1,2,3 Main Street Pack.

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