The Emporium

Based on the Disneyland Emporium and using Shyguy's scenery Mainstreet packs 1 & 2. This drops the Disneyland name and this should make it a generic emporium victorian era building. If you need Shyguy's scenery packs go here ---> and you can download them from his mirror site. Hope this helps in your park building endeavors. If you do use it drop us a note at the RCTHQ forums. Shyguy visits there and would be glad to hear what you have to say and see how it was used in your parks.

Special thanks to Shyguy for this wonderful set.

How to use this download? The hard part has been done. This is a complete structure and you can of course recolor it and modify as you see fit. The best way to use it is simply to open up your Documents and Settings Folder and than goto the RCT3 folder and finally you will see a folder named Structures. Just take the unzipped dat file named sebar-emporium and drop it into that folder and you are set.




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