Not Official by Atari yet! Note: this is not an official Atari post nor is it sanctioned by Atari. Its a theoretical look at the prospective scenery pack only.

The following is a Blizzard Roadmap. As you know Blizzard deals with winter scenery. It features some holiday scenery as well as will be mentioned below your your considerations.

There are three major component scenarios to Blizzard listed below plus some major changes.

Ice Village Scenario:

Bayern Kurve or Olympic Bobs.
Alpine Bobs.
Snow Train.
Ice Skating Rink (note this can accommodate many peeps).
Ice Slide (aka. Russian Ice Coaster).
Sellner-Bear Affair.
Ice Castle Show and Expo.
BobSled Coasters.

Animated Track Events with small and Giant Abominable snowmen.

Scenery should include an entire European style Ice Village like in Finland. Dutch Windmills are also a good thing. Additional scenery might include Ice fires or Fog from Dry Ice, Snowmen, A German style of buildings and a scenery group to build a type of Castle as used in Snow white at Disneyland which is based on King Ludwig's original German Castle. A enclosed wooden bridge like in Vermont to cross frozen rivers.

Santa's Village Scenario:

Christmas Tree Ride.
Gingerbread Crazy House.
Lolli Swing.
Reindeer Ride - Steeplechase type coaster.
Live Sleighride Live Reindeer on this.
Frosty The Snowman Ride
Bumble Bee Monorail
Crooked Treehouse
Hansel and Gretal Dark Ride.
Burro Ride (Live animal ride)

Christmas Carolers Show. Singers onstage in a pavilion.

Santa's Magic Castle - Show featuring Santa Claus. Kids get to sit on Santa's lap and receive gifts.

Elf's Workshop - Large Toystore.

Small Toystore.

Nightime Electrical parade featuring Santa.

Xmas scenery and decorations. These include Giant colored Mushrooms, Candy Canes, many blinking light decorations. Nordic and Arctic style Buildings and Nordic Castle parts as well. Cabin Scenery with snow covered roofs or snow scenery to add to roofs, icicles, smoking chimneys, clumps of snow and deep snow drifts. Anything Christmas can be in here. It should be the universal Christmas not a Religious Christmas Holiday.

Fantasy Scenario:

Mack-Peter Pan Ride.
Samba Balloon
Suspended Flying Carpet
Bulgy the Whale
Crazy Dazy

Looney Tunes type themed Trackride cars for wacky type of dark rides.

Cartoon style Tracked Ride Events. Cartoonish animatronics for Cartoon type Dark Rides.

Cartoonish walls roofs etc. for creating a wacky looney tunes type structure village.

Major Additions:

Full 3D Grid and or Building Generator....these are the major selling points of Blizzard.

VIP Generator Set...make your own custom VIP Guests and add many personality traits.

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