Busch Gardens Van Nuys Busch Garden's Van Nuys, Ca.
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I have to admit I contemplated bypassing this project as Busch Gardens had an amusement park in Van Nuys California. But it had few rides and eventually was abandoned in favor of Busch and Co. expanding their Beer production and erasing this park. I think the main reason was they were very limited in expansion so it made more sense to just expand production of Beer and forego the amusement park. This is a shame becuase with good planning, they could have used the space to make a great place greater.


Anyhow below are my photos of the 3D park I have undertaken to model in Roller Coaster Tycoon 3. The park will be modeled on Busch Gardens about 1976 when it was at its peak. Note do to limitations of attractions and architectural building materials, I have done the best with what is currently available and substitutes attractions and scenery where necessary only. The current park lacks the following rides. Cruise Boats, Speed Boats, Walk-Thru FunHouse. In their places I am subbing "Splash Boats, Swan Boats and the Glass House." If RCT3 should ever feature the necessary rides in the future, than I reserve the right to update this project.

Otherwise, this small scenic park shall live again. The project is ready for you to visit, it is about 90% accurate and you can visit as some screens show below, different areas of it. Hopefully you will enjoy the rides, scenery and laid back Tropical atmosphere I enjoyed decades ago, at a neat small amusement park known as Busch Garden's Van Nuys.

Overall view of the project.

It is done for now with the existing scenery and rides available in RCT3. You can now visit the park, just select the download button below. There are lots of buildings and scenery to work with, one step at a time. Be aware I will update this particular picture from titme to time. When speed boats and jungle cruise boats come out, I willupdate those rides as currently the bumper boats and splash boats are substituting for the former which are the correct rides. likewise missing is the giant fountain in the main lake and also additional tropical bird exhibits and scenery such as waterfalls. Again, when these are available the park will be updated. The pics below are from the building of the project. The pic above is the complete Historical Park as it now is available.

The Harbor, Speedboat Landing, Ya-Hoo Flumes, Eagle Playhouse, International cafe above.

The West lagoon. Busch and Budweiser Pavilions, Cruise. In the distance are the Brewery, Mezzanine. Left the Main Monorail station.

Download Park
Download Scenario

The Skyrail Brewery Tour

The actual tracks of the ride's remnants are still visible today on the North side of the Busch grounds along Roscoe Blvd, and passengers driving along the I-405 freeway through Van Nuys California will instantly recognize this building and the remaining tracks. Very sad to see them knowing the enjoyment people got from the ride. Below are more pics.

Below inside the brewery, you can see the beer vats.

The Skyrail Tour at Night!

Bird Circus Theater

Users might be surprised that this appears to be a show. But inside you can buy and eat roasted birds. (Hehehehe) No its just my quirky sense of humor. Frontier forgot to provide an actual bird show so I decided to make my own funny things. And no if you are an animal rights activist, please don't email me. This is a game only. I would never harm a real bird.

The Busch Pavilion

This was located on the West side of the park and guests could kick back and sample beer or other food, while viewing the cruise boats, waterfalls and exquisite tropical scenery. Too bad its all gone now. Maybe Busch will bring it back some day.

The Play Area

This was an area added about 1975. By 1973 the second monorail had been added. Here is the North station and to the right you can see the building housing the Bumper Cars. As I discover the names of these areas or what they called them, I'll rename them appropriately. They had as mentioned, Bumper Cars, and a walk-in Haunted House. I don't think they had any other rides that I can remember. Most of Busch Gardens Van Nuys was scenery and drinking lots of low cost, high quality Beer!

Ya-Hoo Flume Ride

This was probably the most popular fun ride at Busch Gardens Van Nuys and probably got more loyal guests than any other ride. It was installed around 1971 or 1972 and it was a neat little log ride that ushered in the section on the SouthWest corner of the park, known as the Harbor. This new area also featured an Eagle Theater and Speed Boats in the harbor. Unfortunately they had to build this new section on the other side of the Southern Pacific Railroad tracks. This you can spot the tracks in the main picture.

Top of the flumes!

Getting ready for the big splash!

Rounding the International Cafe and Refreshment stand.

The Ya-Hoo Flumes, International Cafe and Harbor at night.

Michelob Terrace

This small area was on the East side of the park in the shadows of the tall buildings that the Skyrail Brewery Tour used. It was a large Terrace bordering the Tropical Cruise. A nice place to kick back and drink more Beer before hoping on the 405 Fwy.

Tropical Cruise Station.

Entering the Tropical Paradise.

Rounding the bend. Monorail in the distance.

Monorail overhead in the channels. Budwesiser Pavilion on the left.

The Michelob Terrace and Lagoon Above and below.

The Tropical Cruise Ride

This was one of the best known attractions the park had. It was also one of the originals too. The ride was mainly a very long leisurely Jungle Cruise Boat ride through the most beatutiful Tropical coves, waterfalls and inlets one could experience.

Penguin and Otter Exhibit

Australian Cockatoo Exhibit and Snack Bar on the left.

Budweiser Pavilion

Approaching the Bridge.

Leaving the 2nd station.

The Busch Pavilion on the right, the main station ahead.

Nightime over the Main Monorail station and play area.


Guests could buy a plethora of items and food here. Also the first aid was here too.



Well this concludes your visit to Busch Gardens Van Nuys, We hope you enjoyed your stay. Come back soon!

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