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New Peep Group - RCT3 Buddies
Jonwil's Scenery Importer/Dumper Mirror
RCT2 Rides Are Here
The Future of RCT3 - Roadmaps
Water Transports and how to make them a tracked ride
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Coaster Downloads

Dark Ride Construction Set:
#2 - Coming Soon
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Building Downloads

Park Downloads: Fictional Parks
AdventureLand - Ride the Bigfoot Bobs and swear you were at Disneyland.
American Landscapes - A great large American themepark.
Crikey Park - Dedicated to Steve and Terri Irwin
Fun Pier - Visit this exciting new fun pier filled with awesome themed rides.
Movie Studio - Visit a themepark that is also a Movie Studio loaded with rides and themed sections.
Small Challenge - Doesn't look like much but this may well be the toughest scenario to beat on the RCT3 platform.
Winterfest - The first cool Winter Festival Scenario ever!
West World - A complete western themed park with variations in Western Areas.
 Southern California Historical Parks (real parks that once existed)
NuPike - Updated
Busch Gardens Van Nuys
Beverly Hills Rides
Venice Amusement Pier 1926 - Updated
Topanga Rides
Venice Amusement Pier 2000
Jungleland 1000 Oaks
Pacific Ocean Park
Pacific Ocean Park 1966
Marineland (Cancelled-wouldn't cooperate with me)

Importing Tracked Rides Made Easy
Known RCT3 Cheats
The Best Prices For Flatrides
What To Do If Your Game Crashes at Startup
How A Building Generator Works

RCT Super Ring
RCT Super Ring

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