William S. Hart

Ghostly Tour

My jaunt was scheduled for what turned out to be an odd Saturday. First there was an accident on the 405 headed towards Newhall, than the weather was like icky or better what I call "Mach Schnell Cucamonga" type weather, my elaborate descriptiveness for a dreary weather day. I managed to get to the William S. Hart park on the day and time I said I would be there. Health issues aside these days, I was there on time, in fact a bit ahead of time. I drove my big white Lincoln to the top of the narrow hill road and than parked near the estate. Yup those bearded American Bison were at the bottom of the hill, most likely scared off by kids screaming, yelling and running near the penn fencing on the hillside. It was absolutely as usual a beautiful view, even from the hill top on such an icky weather day. The quiet and calm matched with much fawna, fresh ponderosa pine scents brought me back to an almost different era. I didn't just make this trip as a ghost researching, but also as a fellow cowboy to visit Mr. Hart's estate. It is proudly a small but big part of the American West and he is a part of the Western lore and history of America.


Exiting my car, I got my camera ready, took another deep breath and began snapping my photos in anticipation of the tour that would take place at exactly 12:00 PM, well I guess actually 12:03 PM And so I went and snapped and found some things that do indicate maybe paranormal activities at this Museum of sorts though I will leave this up to your discretions.


The Trail up from The top parkinglot. Note the purple colored bush on the center left of trail. Is that PPEN I detect?


The rumored haunted Restroom/Stable/Offices....nothing there! No shadowy figures etc.


The viewing area, all clear...for MILES! But oh what a grand view it is.


The backstairs path down to the front door. This place has class and dignity. But no ghosts as of yet. What will be around the next corner?


Ghostly PPEN (Purple Plasma Energy on the Veranda, see the purple haze.

A negative shows green. The PPEN has been identified at other haunted sites. It seems to cling to this veranda.


Weird shadow in the window looks like a skull face with a cigar, but probably just the lighting? Could be a ghost though???



More PPEN on the second story window and upper tower window. Again this is the purple energy associated in other images. Check out the negative below.

See the green. Its all around the windows, interconnects both windows but not at the roof, not below the lower window and not on either sides of the window. I am almost willing to state that there is probably weird things going on at this place after dark. Oh the stories I could just imagine hearing about it, but that's what makes this so interesting I suppose.


I was the last in line when I snapped this and other photos of the dining area as the hostess was at the lead. This woman wasn't in the shot when I snapped this. Not sure who this is though. But a negative seems to indicate this is a solid person.


This is the upstairs living room including fireplace and on the lower left a real bear skin rug. Nope, there wasn't a ghost in that bear, but there is a manikan to the right of that book shelf and to the right of that a translucent shadow that when highlighted as a negative reveals what I think is a woman's back, her hair bunched up and she is facing the bookshelf. Just shadows, you decide?

Woman back, as she faces the bookcase. Note below her hair what looks like a Victorian dress high collar. Not sure what to make of this, but it is weird and not far from that PPEN veranda too.


William S. Hart - American Cowboy and Legend among other things.

A great portrait, but a negative reveals PPEN dead center of the photo. On his shirt you will notice a purple hue that showed up in the snapshot. Is his spirit alive in the photo? Well from one cowboy to another I hope so, cause that means the West is still here with us, even in great spirit!

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