Flea Ring Circus

Written By "Mark Paul" Sebar

Voice & Reading by Mindy Hahn

Copyright © 1997 All Rights Reserved


Harry the dog was so filled with joy, as he passed a young lad, an innocent boy.

He drooled from his tongue as he sopped a wet kiss, upon the boy's cheek, he never missed.

Then he strolled to his neighbors lawn, and did his thing, before he was gone.

As the neighbor ran out, with a fist clenched in air. Harry took off, not wasting a hair.

He passed the cans, all filled to the brim, then stood on two legs, balancing upon the rim.

The trash it tipped over, and the garbage spilled, upon the ground, as he became thrilled.

His nose went through bags, stuffed with old food, he licked his chops, while up to no good.

After finishing chow, he pranced down the street, so boldly he moved, upon all four feet.

Then the itch came, slight at first, followed by short, annoying bursts.

His paw scraped hard, against his thick coat, while the fleas all danced, from his tail to his throat.

A fraternity group, they considered themselves, while Harry's coat itched, he wasn't too well.

He scraped hard once, then followed by more, as these creatures danced, to him they ignored.

He rolled in the gutter, on his back he squirmed, then heard their words, a group he learned.

They were from a circus, they chanted aloud, dancing wildly, on his back they stroud.

As Harry rolled over, they did the trapeeeze, making him scratch with the greatest of ease.

They got in his ear, under his arm, but yet their annoyance, did him no harm.

He stopped for a moment, catching his breath, then proclaimed, "I am not a threat."

"And so you say," one answered with ease, those daring young vermin, those little black fleas.

"We be friends, as we live together," proclaimed Harry, hoping for the better.

"How is that," asked the small tiny flea?

"You are all here, because of me."

And with those words said, they stood before him. Their little dark eyes, looking ever so grim.

As the big dog watched, they jumped high and low, and Harry knew they would all have to go.

He thought for a moment, aloud he told them. "I have an idea," and that made them friends. "You will perform, on my back you'll stay."

And for these small creatures, that was their pay.

So with those words said, their day dragged on, until they returned to Harry's old home.

He stopped by the hydrant, as they did their acts, realizing his chance, while they're off his back.

With speed and haste, old Harry took off, leaving the circus to a fresh new dog.

As they stood watching, and waiting with ease, their new act would soon pass, these dark little fleas.

And so their new talents, they all would act, itching their way on a new dog's back.

Their's was a way, that needed a host, so these little performer's, could give him their most.

Their scratching and biting, were part of trapeeze, that daring young doggy with the greatest of ease.

Their new host would travel, into his new home, from there they could gather, from there they could roam.

The carpets were bare and the furniture so clean. One might ask how, so little, so mean.

With this they performed, as rover itched. The dog soon rolled over, and they made their pitch.

"We're here to be with you," they said with a smile. That dog scratched the itch, for quite a long while.

And then with a gesture his master came by, and said "all you fleas, are gonna die!"

With that, they were gone, to parts unknown, till they reached the steps of a familiar home.

As Harry stepped out for his daily run, the fleas all confronted, it's their way of fun.

With many a scratch, Harry cursed in his tone, these fleas he'd brought back, into his old home.